Dharaa Stamp Invites
 Stamp Collectors to publish their
philatelic exhibits online!

  • To facilitate Online Study of Philately for Visitors throughout the World.
  • The Exhibits are permanently placed at Dharaa Stamps website.
  •  A Exhibit will certainly help other Stamp collectors who are collecting on similar subjects as a reference material.

The most interesting and fun areas of philately is thematic collecting and exhibiting!

The Basic Idea of Philatelic Exhibiting is that you are telling a complete philatelic or thematic story using philatelic items to illustrate your points. Like a book, your story will have a beginning, a middle and an end. The material will be described on the exhibit pages briefly, but it is the material that tells the story not lengthy text.

The only exceptions to this are Topical Exhibits from a thematic collector, who would show a variety of stamps and philatelic items that represent a single topic or category.

Exhibit cATEGORY









Dharaa Stamp website invites all collectors, philatelists, students to display their Exhibit Online! 

The biggest virtual philatelic and Numismatic exhibition comes under one Roof..! Please visit Hundreds of philatelic and postage stamps, Stationary exhibits and collections of Numismatic items from all over the world.
Our site is exclusively developed only for the PROMOTION AND INFORMATION OF PHILATELY AND NUMISMATICS !

  • If you have an exhibit, Kindly scan all your exhibit sheets and send it to below Email.
  • We accept formats *.jpg format with Resolution Quality of 300 DPI.
  • Kindly assign sequence numbers to scan Images for eg. 001.jpg, 002.jpg,…048.jpg in the correct order.

While Mailing your Exhibit, kindly send the following information : 

  1. Exhibit Title,
  2. Exhibit Description,
  3. Exhibit Type,
  4. Highest Award,
  5. No of Frames(Pages),
  6. Exhibitor Name,
  7. Email/website,
  8. Country,

Send your Exhibit along with the scanned images to the Email:
exhibits@dharaastamps.co.in / dharaastamps@gmail.com