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India FDC Bible society

India FDC Geeta Bhavan Autograph 1978

India FDC Gommateshwara 1981

India FDC Sacred Heart Church 2009

India Private FDC MS – URS Dargah, 2012

India Private FDC MS Architetural

India Private FDC MS- Krishnadevaraya, 2011

India Specail Cover Autograph Spiritual 1981

India Stamps Blk – Shirdi Sai Baba, 2008

India Stamps Full Sheet – Buddha Complete set of 6, 2007

India Stamps Gurdwara Anandpur

India Stamps Setenant Buddhist

India Stamps Setenant Tabo Monastery

Nepal – Short Collection on 4 Pages

Private FDC MS Festivals of India

Royal Silver Wedding 1972 FDC

Zambia MS Sights of India – Brahma, Taj Mahal