Exhibit Title Republic India Error Notes
Description Printing Technology may have made advances over the years and one may expect security presses to be even more state of the ART, but currency notes with defects are still being churned out. what is more surprising is that they make their way to circulation.
such DEFECTIVE NOTES are not common to the common people but for collectors, they are collectors DELIGHT.
This valuable collection of defective currencies from ONE RUPEE DENOMINATION TO 2000 RS DENOMINATION IS THE COLLECTORS PRIDE.
Exhibit Type Exhibit-Numismatics
Exhibitor Mr. Ranganathan.B.Raju
Email b.rajuu@gmail.com
Country INDIA
Frames/pages 41
Mr. Ranganathan.B.Raju

He is basically an entrepreneur, owns a sweet and Bakery manufacturing cum sales unit in his Home Town Ulundurpet, Tamil Nadu. He has finished his Masters of Business from PSG college of Technology,Coimbatore in the year 2k. He is a young collector and not a dealer in the field of a Philately and Numismatics.
He has received the NOBLE WORLD RECORD CERTIFICATE for his exhibit of largest collection of WORLD currencies including Dead Nations and the key informations of the currency and the country in the year 2019.
He says ..
“I Am Possessing this HOBBY as my passion because this is the only Hobby that has a Royal combination of FUN, KNOWLEDGE AND ENJOYMENT”.

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